Bucharest - Portrait of a City  photo album.

Bucharest - Portrait of a City photo album.


It all started when…

A photographic  journey through the architecture of Bucharest.  Features hundreds of images, the work of Paula Craioveanu, architect and photographer. Bucharest is showcased impressively beautiful, rich and . The book presents the story of Bucharest, the capital of Romania, from the 19th century to the present day

“Bucharest Portrait of a city” is at the same time a monograph, an art album and a treaty of compared architecture. The album is a guide to yesterday’s and today’s Bucharest, a trip in the history of architecture of the city, which illustrates its transformation of public buildings and private houses. from the 18th to 19th and 20th century styles - Neoclassical, Belle Epoque, Neoromanian, and Modernist up to our days. The reader will find in the captions of the pictures, data about the architect, year of construction and style of the buildings. The album presents the artistic qualities of the buildings and the architectural diversity, and most important, the feeling the town exudes.